Monday, 8 October 2012

Elemental foxes

As of late I have been very, very busy! I am barely finding time to update this blog, but I will try!

I am working on quite a few different projects for the WPPW fair, various prints and originals.

One project is titled 'Elemental foxes', and I intend on doing a set of four foxes based on both Celtic and Shinto-inspired artwork. They will be fire, water, earth and air.

I have already completed Earth and Air, and will be completing the other two later this week.

Below are the finished pieces! Prints are available at £4.00/A4 and £2.00 A5, signed by the artist.

"Air Fox" 

"Earth Fox"     

Saturday, 22 September 2012


This week I am preparing for the WPPW Psychic and Paranormal fair next month! I will have a table, which is exciting! I am working on various pieces and crafts for this event, so be sure to come visit if you live nearby!

Above is my designs for my business card (front and back). I know it doesn't SCREAM 'professional' but I think I quite like it anyway!

Next is this design for a bookmark! It is digital and will be printed onto card stock, decorated and laminated. I am hoping to make at least 6 bookmark designs! I also have some dragon and gryphon ones left over from a few years back, I believe!

Expect more updates soon, as I am finding myself rather busy!

Daily Artist Routine

Hey everyone, So I thought it would be a good exercise for both myself and maybe others for me to write down my average day as a freelance artist and taxidermist. Of course, being a jack of many trades means that my days vary to a large extent. However, I do have a general pattern that I try to keep to. And so here it is!


First things first! I make sure to always write my to-do-list the night before. This helps me think about my projects a little, and also makes sure I don't forget anything. I learned a technique from an entrepreneur online named Alex Jeffreys: his information on time management is absolutely amazing and really changed my life. My technique now is to make a list of everything I need to do in that day. After that, I assign each task to an A, B or C list. The meaning of this list is as follows:

A - Are tasks that are directly linked to making profit, and moving forward. These are the most important tasks, and all, if not most of this list should be tackled first.

B - Are tasks that are important, but can be put off to no ill effect. These often move up to A within a few days.

C - Are tasks that are not important, but may benefit me in some way. If I don't end up having time for them, they sometimes get deleted.

I am also looking into task manager apps such as Wunderlist, to help improve my organization.

I also have a large A4 hardback day-by-day diary in which I write important tasks, events, deadlines and appointments. I keep these on my blackberry phone too.


I will not lie and state that I wake up at 5.00am every day and have completed a project by 9; I am not particularly a morning person (something I am trying to work on), and I tend to wake up casually around 9-10am.

I grab a shower, take medication and eat breakfast. Oh, and coffee, I cannot do without coffee!

Next I check all my emails via Thunderbird, check messages and notes on all my online galleries and may browse some forums. This is my 'wake-up' time, and sets me for the day.

I check my task list for the day and mentally decide the order of things that I need to accomplish in that day.

Around 11am I start on customer work, this usually consists of commissioned anthro/furry art. I will also tend to start commission sketches so that I can email them to clients, with hope that they may reply the same day, so that I can make edits and move further.

I try to work in blocks of 30 minutes to an hour, and keep an eye on the time. This helps me with knowing what to charge in the future - as I charge for work up front. 

While I work I will tend to listen to podcasts, documentaries, TV shows or music. I love the fact I can learn new things everyday whilst drawing! This is called doubling my time, according to Chris Oakley!

I take around 20 projects at a time of different size. This is a lot, but it helps me with a change of work and stuff from time to time.

I will also take specimens out of the freezer for taxidermy, but that is for another blog :)


Around 1pm I take a break and make lunch, usually a sandwich. I check my emails and messages again. Sometimes I will just take out a sketchpad and doodle as I watch a tv show. This is just to keep my creative juices flowing.

Around this time I usually edit my 'incomings' and 'outgoings' in Excel, from my Paypal records. I run a small ebay business on the side, and usually have a sale or two every couple of days.

In the afternoon I once again tackle client work. Sometimes this is the same piece as the morning, as it is not unusual for artwork to take me 6-8 hours or more. Again I watch and listen to things to make the working day easier and more interesting for me.

Around 4pm I often take another break, making tea or coffee and maybe a snack. At this time my energy peak is usually starting to wane a little, so I look at other artist's work, galleries, journals etc I may also save reference pictures from google or deviantart.


Evenings are where my energy tends to peak, and I can complete a lot of work. If I am not working on client work, I am working on crafts or personal artwork for my portfolio. I find it a lot easier to work in the evenings as I find there is less interruption from my fiancee and family/friends. Unfortunately though, this means if someone contacts me about coming around whilst I am in my 'zone', I will often decline!

Evenings are also the time where I take a moment to update blogs, galleries, review terms of service and update facebook, twitter and the website (as well as in my breaks).

I have no 'end time' in work, I can finish from 6pm to 2am - it depends on my energy, other commitments such as having to get up early for an appointment, and my workload.

So there you go - a very brief description of what my day consists of, but I hope that it interests and helps you in some way :)

If anyone has any questions please contact me at 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Experiment in SAI trying to create an aged look to this piece.

Illustration of Inari/O-Inari. My patron God/dess and Japanese Shinto God of Rice, Harvest, Workers, Foxes and Fertility.

★ Digital - Paint tool SAI
★ Art © The Fox Trail Art
★ Do not take, reuse, reupload etc without my prior written permission.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

October Event

The Fox Trail will be at the Brombourough Mind, Body, Psychic + Spirit Show on October 13th 2012 hosted by ! This will be my first fair under the name 'The Fox Trail' and so I am very excited! I still need to put together some business cards and flyers and of course, new artwork! 

Hopefully I can get a photo printer soon so that I can start making colour art prints again. :)

I will be selling Pagan and Fantasy original art, art prints and more! I'll be posting some of them on here, so please be sure to check often!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Welcome to my blog! In this blog I will write about my artwork, events, techniques and experiences in the art world. I am a fantasy and pagan artist from North Wales, UK and I am aiming to focus more on my artwork in the next year.

I hope that this blog is of interest to you, and I will start to post my sketches and artwork soon :)